ELAN Group is Close to Completing the Delivery of their First Pedestrian Bridge Ahead of Schedule

ELAN Group completed the installation of the main structure of their first pedestrian bridge in Qatar at a strategic location of Al Matar Street in less than one year after site handover and ahead of schedule.

The new pedestrian bridge will enhance the safety and the comfort of pedestrians in Qatar, by providing a safe crossing on the busy street, and offering convenient services such as mini-shops, ATMs, Vending machines, bicycle tracks and advertising spaces. The bridge is the fruit of a close collaboration between ELAN Group who developed, designed, and financed the construction of the bridge, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Interior, and the Public Works Authority Ashghal.

The construction of this bridge was carried out as per the latest global construction techniques which were adopted by ELAN Group’s team. The main structure of the bridge was manufactured at a closed area (factory) so that the construction process does not interfere with traffic and affect people’s interests and lives.
Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Nasser Al Khalifa, Chairman of the ELAN Group, said: “ELAN is adopting a well thought-out approach to beautify cities and provide services that facilitate the lives of citizens and residents on a daily basis. The installation of the first pedestrian bridge is an achievement at the state’s level. It also reflects our commitment to deliver the pedestrian bridges’ project in accordance with the plan agreed between ELAN Group and the relevant Governmental Entities. “

Mr. Jaber Abdullah Al Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of ELAN Group, said: ” We are proud to announce that the installation of our first pedestrian bridge at Al Matar Street was completed. We were successful to implement the project at a record time to provide convenient services to citizens and residents as soon as possible. We are looking forward to the official opening of this bridge at the end of April 2018, a full one year ahead of schedule in the contract.”

The location of the bridge was carefully selected after a detailed study was conducted by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The study was based on traffic density in the area, number of accidents and population density, as well as the distance to the nearest pedestrian crossing and public transportation site. The 63-meter-long bridge is equipped with elevators on both sides to serve the elderly and people with special needs.