ELAN Signage Pioneers Laser-Cut with the Acquisition of a New ISEO Laser Machine, a First in the Gulf region

ELAN Signage is leading the way in the field of coil-sheet processing with the acquisition of a new ISEO Laser Machine, manufactured by Produtech s.r.l. in Italy, allowing a very high level of productivity and an optimum material usage. It is the first time this machine is operated in the GCC region’s signage industry marking a key milestone in the sector.

ELAN Signage is thriving to invest in cutting-edge technology for the benefits of its customers in the construction and real estate industry in Qatar and in the region. In addition to the traditional advantages of better and more flexible management of produced details, ISEO technology applies the innovative characteristics of the fiber laser technology to the continuous cutting of a wide materials range, including high-reflectance materials, such as bronze, copper, brass and aluminum that is up to 5 mm thickness and 1,500 mm width as well as stainless steel up to 4 mm thickness. It also brings automatic sheet-feeding with no human supervision once the coil is loaded, hence leading to significant savings in time & cost. Lastly, new ISEO Laser Machine provides the highest degree of precision in the cutting process, allowing to cut in any shape, straight or curved signs, as per the customers’ needs.

General Manager of ELAN Signage Factory Hong Yong Lee, said: “The acquisition of the ISEO Laser Machine is a key milestone in our journey to achieve a high level of self-sufficiency, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. Catering to a pool of very demanding customers, the new technology equipped with computerized production control of fiber laser usage gives us the flexibility to easily change a product line and to adjust the production flow according to the business needs of the market, hence providing major economies of scale for our clients. We are looking forward to using this new fiber laser technology in the region.”

The two main advantages with the ISEO machine is flexibility for both shape and quantity. Free for any shape, it doesn’t require any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), while the normal cutting methodology requires MOQ due to the cost and time required to manufacture and load the mold in each changes of shape.
ELAN Signage put employees’ safety and wellbeing first. Automated solutions enabled via advanced technologies provide ELAN Factory staff members with an empowering working environment, reflecting the company’s full compliance with global security standards. ELAN Factory is in full compliance with Qatar Construction Standard (QCS) and Qatar Traffic Control Manual (QTYCM) as well as EU standard (CE) and American standard ASTM.

ELAN Signage factory is fully owned by ELAN Group, a subsidiary of Qatar Development Bank. The factory aims at making Qatar’s roads more safe and comfortable by providing clear and complete information to guide travelers throughout their journey to their destination. With 12,000 sqm of fully air-conditioned factory space equipped with elaborate utilities and back-up power generators, Elan Signage has a solid capacity to produce over 200,000 signs per year to independently fulfill demand from the local clients.