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Hygienic Printing for A COVID 19 World

As industries around the world look at making their operations and processes COVID safe, ELAN Print, as a local leader in the printing sector, would...

Our COVID Prevention Protocols Prioritise Client On-Time Delivery, Installation & Safety

Although we have taken steps to have 80% of our office workforce working from home during the pandemic period, in the print industry, working from...

Flexibility, Speed & Relevance: The new DOOH currencies

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is undergoing seismic shifts across the world during these unprecedented times. As the world reacts to the...

ELAN Urban Partners with British CU Phosco to Provide High-Quality LED Luminaries to Infrastructure Projects in Qatar

ELAN Urban and ELAN Signage announced a new partnership with CU Phosco, the leading Designer & Manufacturer of Outdoor Lighting in the UK, to...

ELAN Group Launches a CSR Awareness Campaign Against COVID-19

In an effort to support the government of Qatar in raising further awareness among the public to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19),...

Can cinemas win back audiences after Covid 19 shutdowns? Has streaming replaced the big screen?

The worldwide closure of cinemas in the wake of the global battle against the spread of coronavirus and the confinement of millions around the world...

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