Mazaji Radio Partners with ELAN Media

Mazaji FM 94.6, a well-known radio station, and ELAN Media, the foremost media company in Qatar, have entered into an exclusive partnership, marking a significant collaboration in the media landscape.

Under the partnership agreement, ELAN Media will now offer advertising slots, sponsorship packages and live content segments to clients across Qatar with a wide choice of prime and drive time airing opportunities.

“Mazaji FM is one of the most popular Arabic language radio services in Qatar with a particularly strong listenership on conventional and online radio among Qatari youth. This deal represents the coming together of two of Qatar’s most forward-thinking organizations and opens new business opportunities for an expansive client base across the consumer and events segments,” commented Jaber Al Ansari, ELAN Group CEO. “In just over a year, Mazaji FM has captured a strong following and we are confident of further growing its listener base and bring great opportunities for corporates and brands to reach their clients and build meaningful connections with the local community.”

“Mazaji FM is a cost-effective reach medium with strong local appeal, with a listenership that has strong emotional connections with the station, which reflects positively on advertisers,” explained Hamad Aljabri, General Director, Mazaji FM “It provides information as it reaches consumers closest to their time of purchase, when they are driving to or from work, or even during a lunch break. The station has come a long way in a short time, and we believe our partnership can further build its already significant listener reach.”

Mazaji FM advertisers include some of the biggest corporates and event names in Qatar. “Our advertisers and sponsors reach a listenership primarily comprising middle-and-upper income group Arabs aged 15-35 years, both Qatari nationals, who make up the lion’s share, and other Arab residents,” explained Hamad Aljabri, General Director, Mazaji FM. “We are confident that with ELAN Media’s robust and creative advertising capabilities we can soon be the major radio force in the nation.”