ELAN Urban Partners with British CU Phosco to Provide High-Quality LED Luminaries to Infrastructure Projects in Qatar

ELAN Urban and ELAN Signage announced a new partnership with CU Phosco, the leading Designer & Manufacturer of Outdoor Lighting in the UK, to provide local infrastructure projects with bespoke and standard street lighting products.

Under the partnership, ELAN Urban will locally assemble LED luminaries at ELAN Signage factory to offer high-quality street lighting products to the Qatari market. The local assembly of street lighting products is designed to meet the most demanding lighting requirements up to 400W.

Thanks to its lightweight and low-profile wind area technology, the new road luminaires can be safely installed on existing lighting columns and brackets. The luminaires can also be upgraded on-site thanks to the simple and fast installation system.

With this partnership, ELAN Urban and ELAN Signage are bringing the ultimate solution to replace traditional power intensive HID sources in the streets with eco-friendly and long-life LED lighting, and create a safer, higher visibility driving environment.

The locally assembled CU PHOSCO road luminaires are approved by ASHGHAL – Qatar Public Works Authority and will also contribute to the self-sufficiency of the Qatari Market.