ELAN Media Reveals its Partnership with the Canadian Company; BroadSign

BroadSign Provides ELAN Media with an Automated Content Management System to accurately Manage the advertising content featured on its Digital Out-of-home Screens at Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City & Ezdan Mall

Doha, Qatar 07 Nov 2017: ELAN Media, the leading company specialized in crafting innovative communication and advertising experiences, and BroadSign International, LLC, the leading ad tech company providing secure and reliable automated digital signage software to media owners and operators across the globe, signed an agreement to power ELAN Media’s digital screens with BroadSign’s automated Core CMS for content distribution. 

This partnership will allow ELAN Media to use BroadSign’s cloud-based secure and reliable automated digital signage software to accurately control ad content displayed at the 240+ digital screens at Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City Mall, and Ezdan Mall. BroadSign software enables ELAN Media to provide brands with an efficient tool to plan their campaigns by time of day, day of week, and individual screen location so that they can reach the right audience at the right time.



Moreover, with the Broadsign technology, the execution of campaigns on ELAN Media’s digital network is completely automated in an error-free campaign management environment controlled from the ELAN Live digital control center. This automation means that advertisers now have the possibility to revise, modify or even change their creative copy in seconds, should they need or wish to.

Commenting on the partnership, Jamie Ball, Chief Operating Officer at ELAN Media said, “We selected BroadSign for the launch of our brand new Digital Out-of-Home division because this partnership is a significant step for ELAN Media’s Digital Network, as it marks the introduction of real-time content management, to the advertising sector in Qatar, for the first time. It is a very exciting innovation for the market and means that advertisers using our digital out-of-home platforms will be able to instantly manage their content and make a decision to update it within minutes.”

He explains that “to be able to change the ad content in real-time based on various factors such as weather, time of day and location gives advertisers the ability to add a new layer of context that means they can target the right audiences in a totally different way. This relevance, coupled with DOOH’s ability to reach mass audiences, gives brands the opportunity to create campaigns that are remembered long after they have ended. Today we have the technology to make this happen just here at ELAN Media.”

“Located in the heart of prime shopping locations, ELAN Media’s screens present an interesting opportunity for advertisers to reach ready-to-buy consumers,” said Maarten Dollevoet, VP of global sales at BroadSign.

“Through our partnership, brands will be able to target their consumers with creative, contextual and impactful content, maximizing the results of each campaign.”

ELAN Media, a subsidiary of ELAN Group, aims to create an innovative communication landscape using a mix of media channels that engage customers, achieving numerous audience target opportunities effectively and efficiently.  ELAN media owns over 240 digital screens that include ‘The Iconics’, two 72 sqm digital screens in the Mall of Qatar, the ‘Axis’, a giant 28sqm rotating screen with 360-degree visibility at Doha Festival City, and the ‘Torch’, the largest roadside digital screen in Qatar, in addition to many others.