Creative tools for OOH

Help your brand stand out to maximize your reach with OOH.

Out-of-Home is one of the most powerful media to reach consumers and influence their purchase decisions daily without being intrusive. People are spending more time out of their homes while they travel for work or school, shopping or, doing other errands, and this becomes an opportunity for the brands to reach them through creative and engaging OOH campaigns.

In Qatar, most OOH viewers are in a vehicle, which means that they have limited time to see and absorb an ad before they drive past it – 10-20 secs when driving, 2-3 minutes in the traffic light. Distance from the billboard as well as length and frequency of exposure should all be considered when designing artworks for OOH. A well-crafted OOH artwork makes it easy for your audience to easily understand and remember your message.

Our simple guide for OOH design provides valuable design guidelines to help your brand stand out: Elan Media – Creative Tools for OOH