Industrial Manufacturing

Founded in 2012, ELAN Signage is a 100% Qatari company committed to enriching city life through providing solutions to guide people and ensure their smooth and safe journeys on the streets of Qatar.

With 12,000 sqm of fully air-conditioned factory space equipped with elaborate utilities and back-up power generators, ELAN Signage has advanced production facilities and has the flexibility to increase the production capacity to meet increased demand.

We Offer Wide Range of Products:

  • Directional Signage

Guide drivers and improve roadway safety through clear directional traffic signs with bold arrows and clear instructions on where to go. The directional signing is fulfilled by a color-coded film system of Advance direction, Direction & Route confirmatory signs. Directional Signage can be categorized as:

Ground Mounted Signs

Ground Mounted Signs are fabricated as per the latest QTCM standards and in multiple dimensions. Aluminum sheets are used for signs with an area of up to 3.0 sqm, and Planks (Aluminum extruded profile) is used for larger sizes. Galvanized Posts with load-bearing anchorage are fabricated for Installation.

Advanced Directional signs

Advanced Directional Signs are installed on the Overhead structure mounted with required clamps/clips accessories. Overhead systems, often called Gantries & Cantilevers, are fabricated with Monotube pipes or Rectangular Pipes & either Bended shape or Truss pattern. Overhead signage systems are used to give separate directional information for individual lanes on busy stretches of motorway.

  • Traffic Signage

Traffic signs are installed on the roads to keep the road users aware of basic traffic laws, give warnings and information about locations and nearby amenities. It also helps improve traffic flow and roadway safety.

  • Fences

ELAN Signage manufactures various types of fences, such as

Road Fences intended for pedestrians & vehicle safety and installed along boundaries between roadways, Construction premises, and sidewalks to prevent pedestrians and bicycle riders from crossing roads. Various designs are available to match the surrounding environment, with both sides having the same appearance and minimal protrusions.

Crowd/Spectator Control Barriers

Public safety is the first and foremost concern at all Sports and other live events. The Spectators Control barriers are used to form a continuous barrier between Pedestrian and traffic routes and reduce safety risks during events and competitions to safeguard the public.

  • Building Signage

Your building signage can help you create a good customer impression. Your business signage is a form of marketing that can work 24/7. It can attract customers to visit your business.

Categories of Building Signage include Indoor Signage, External Signage, Room Name Signage, 3D letter signs, Lightboxes.

  • Digital & Advertising Signs

ELAN Signage can also provide other Signage systems such as Digital Signages, Advertising Flex signs, Media boxes & Kiosks according to customer & project requirements.

  • Wayfinding

Attractive wayfinding solutions are essential to help your visitors or customers find their way around shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, event venues, or unfamiliar hallways/corridors, and more.

Wayfinding signs are specialized designs that use pictograms, maps, graphics, and language to help people find their way. Lots of these symbols and terminology are universal; others reflect local communities’ language, culture, and iconography.