For Partners

True to its diversified business model, ELAN Media is specialized in crafting innovative communication and advertising landscapes across a mix of media channels. We pioneered out-of-home, digital out-of-home, online and cinema advertising in the GCC region.

ELAN Media offers partners with full advertising solutions:

  • Planning: we help our partners from the early stages to identify the right advertising solutions, study the market, financial feasibility and concept design.
  • Financing: we offer our partners with a flexible approach for financing the initial investment which will be recovered via advertising revenues.
  • Implementation and installation: we identify the right assets and sourcing them from our network of international partners and take care of deploying them.
  • Execution: we develop the right sales strategy to maximize income including the key targets, advertisers, and we perform all the sales activities.
  • Maintenance: we maintain continuous communications with the landlord through reporting performance and revenues.

ELAN Media is a leading company known for its expertise and the quality of its advertisers. We pay close attention to the aesthetics of our assets, the selection of the best platforms and their locations, installation and maintenance while following the regulations of each country we operate in. Our partners do not need any advertising expertise: we take care of everything, at every step of the project.

Why to partner with Elan Media?

  • Strong relationship with media agencies, ELAN media has a strong relationship with all the major media agencies in the region
  • More than 400 Brands: we have built a strong network of more than 400 brands that advertise on ELAN Media’s platforms each year
  • 15 years of expertise in the field of media in the region by bringing the best -in-class approach through partnering with leading media companies.
  • Regional presence ELAN Media has offices in Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates.
  • Most advanced technology for Digital out-of-home: ELAN Media has launched the largest and the most innovative DOOH network in the Middle East.

“Doha Festival City is not only the largest entertainment, retail and hospitality destination in Qatar, it is a ‘smart mall’. We incorporate the latest technology to enhance our visitors’ experience. ELAN Media with its reputation for bringing cutting- edge and up-to-the-minute international advertising solutions to the region was an obvious choice for our advertising partner. The tailored and advanced digital media solutions offered by ELAN Media’s Digital Out-of-Home network have contributed to our creation of a premier mall experience, for both visitors and retailers.

Our partnership with ELAN Media resulted in prime opportunities for brands to reach millions of visitors from Qatar, the GCC and worldwide. This supported the position of Doha Festival City as Qatar’s number one mall and in turn resulted in increased revenues across the board.”

Doha Festival City Mall, Doha, Qatar