Digital Out-of-Home

Having pioneered DOOH advertising in Qatar and Oman we operate the region’s most advanced and expansive mall, roadside, and iconic destination Digital Out of Home network with over 450 digital screens across the Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, Lusail, Mshreireb Downtown, Place Vendome, Mall of Muscat, and Sohar China Downtown.

Our network of screens includes:

The Iconics: two super-size 72 sqm digital screens dominating Mall of Qatar pathways

The Axis: a giant 28 sqm Doha Festival City rotating screen with 360-degree visibility

The Runway: 8 fully wrapped and paired screens in Doha Festival City’s food court

The Pillars: giant Mall of Qatar food court pillar screens

The Torch: Qatar’s largest roadside digital screen visible from lengthy distances and wide angles along Al Shamal Road

A mall-wide network of Digital MUPIs

The South Façade: two 35sqm external Mall of Qatar digital screens visible from lengthy distances

The Digital Landmarks: Italian custom-built LED screens capturing footfall at busy mall intersections

TheScreen@MSheireb: a 24sqm digital screen overlooking the iconic Barahat Msheireb Plaza

TheHalo@Msheireb: a giant 120sqm, a building-size digital screen on Kharaba Street

The Spectacular@PlaceVendome: a giant iconic 350 sqm portrait screen located on the Southwest corner of the mall, facing Al Tarfa St and Lusail Marina.

The Eye: is an external 103sqm Digital Screen at Mall of Muscat

Grand Entrance:  a huge 15sqm will welcome you at the entrance of Mall of Muscat

The Sail: two giant digital screens at the entertainment zone of Mall of Muscat.

The View: two landscape digital screens located near the Oman Aquarium

ELAN Media also pioneered programmatic DOOH advertising in Qatar. Our assets are equipped with Quividi’s Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) technology to analyze featured content and measure campaign performance by certifying live viewership, whether consumers or vehicles, demographics, and audience sentiment while fully respecting personal privacy.

Our unique ELAN Live Digital Control Center manages screen content delivery via BroadSign’s cloud-based secure and automated digital campaign management software.